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ANDVARI Head and Scalp Massager for best blood circulation

The ANDVARI head and scalp massager has been used for hundreds of years by people of diverse cultures and social circles. Even today's hair specialists suggest doing a regular scalp massage, even if your hair is healthy and beautiful. This procedure is not only beneficial for people suffering from hair loss, but also very useful for the well-being of all. In addition to improving blood circulation and stimulating hair growth for the optimal development of hair, head and scalp massage removes stress, gives relaxation and reduces tension which causes a headache.

The ANDVARI head and scalp massager usually includes the process of kneading and rubbing, which that lead to pressure through the skin through the use of hands. As pressure and tension increase, blood circulation in the target area also increases. With this, the blood is distributed to all parts of the head and scalp. Under this body condition, increased circulation provides more nutrients to the hair cells needed for hair growth. On the other hand, the friction technique of scalp massage offers emotional benefits as it can reduce stress levels. Let's look at the following,

Friction massage

This technique involves using the fingertips of both hands to make quick circular movements firmly over the entire scalp. Starting from the front of the head and back to the nape. Then, from the nape of the neck, use the same movement to advance towards the front of the head. This method will make you feel relaxed.

Head and scalp kneaded Massage 

This technique also makes use of the pads of the fingers of both hands. The pads should extend over the scalp. Then, press firmly and turn the skin instead of your hands. Continue kneading slowly over each area of ​​the scalp. This method will increase the blood flow to the scalp and activate it instantly.
The ANDVARI head and scalp mask is one of the best methods to stop hair loss, thin hair and promote hair growth. However, it is only successful when performed in a regular routine. To achieve hair growth, it is very important to be constant because the procedure is very slow, it can take months for the subject to see the results.


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